Suzanne Leonard

“Charleston is the place I now call home”.

It took Suzanne over 30 years to claim that statement, but it’s now a reality and she couldn’t be happier. The vibrant art community, the vibe of the low country and the friendliness of everyone she meets is a true inspiration to her every day.

A native Oklahoman, a move to Chicago in 1989 provided Suzanne the opportunity to begin her art instruction and her art career. After many years of study and work with watercolor, oil painting and fluid acrylic, she has chosen to focus on fluid acrylic because of it’s complexity, uniqueness and versatility.

Through multiple steps and her own application process, she can achieve her desired look. Each piece is handmade, original and exceptionally unique.

For Suzanne, creating art is a gift and she is truly happy to share it with everyone.


3 THINGS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT IN A DAY   –  Coffee, string cheese and a good book

WHEN FRIENDS VISIT THE LOWCOUNTRY  –  We always walk the marsh trail in I’on

FAVORITE ROOM IN THE HOUSE –   My porch … who doesn’t want to live outside?

DO YOU LISTEN TO MUSIC WHILE YOU PAINT  –  Yes, and audiobooks. I love to read and an audiobook lets me work and listen at the same time!

WHAT IS YOUR “GIFT” – My ability to mix colors with paint

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DETAIL IN A PAINTING  –  The drips on the side of my fluid acrylic paintings. They are so organic and seem to continue the painting over the sides

WHAT’S IN MY COFFEE –  Truvia and half and half

WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST TREASURE  –  Seeing my children grow in to amazing young adults

Suzanne is a member of the Charleston Artist Guild and the the Mount Pleasant Artist Guild.